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Nicola Young copywriter Sevenoaks Kent Advertising

Advertising your business is very important and there are many ways in which you can do this. A good way to increase visibility is to have a presence on an on-line directory page. However, it is important that your profile is complete and fully up to date.


Nicola Young copywriter Sevenoaks Kent Articles

Writing an industry-related article, helps to promote your business as an expert in its field and a trusted source of information.


Having a strong presence within your local community is one way of increasing brand awareness.


Nicola Young copywriter Sevenoaks Kent Blogs

Personal Blog

Nicola Young Writes

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My Food Blog

I also run a blog dedicated to healthy eating. It includes gluten, dairy and nightshade-free recipes, nutrition-related articles and ‘free-from’ product reviews.

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Business Blog

Blog entries show a more ‘human’ side to your organisation and can give your website a personal touch.


Nicola Young copywriter Sevenoaks Kent Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way of communicating with your customers.


Larger companies can use newsletters to communicate internally accross divisions.


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Press Releases

Nicola Young copy writer Sevenoaks Press Releases

Press Releases, can be used to provide information about changes and events within your company.


Distributed through the right channels, Press Releases can give good exposure and help to increase brand awareness.

Web Content

Nicola Young copywriter Sevenoaks Kent Web Content

Using keywords is important in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). However, this need not be at the expense of producing good quality content.